Alderman Scott Waguespack is part of an initiative to bring mobile food trucks to Chicago.  Along with Alderman Vi Daley, he introduced a new ordinance to authorize the operation of Mobile Food Facilities at the July 28, 2010 City Council meeting.

Mobile Food Facilities, commonly known as Food Trucks or Catering Vans are vehicles that are equipped to allow the preparation, cooking, and serving of a variety of foods. Many cities across the nation, such as Los Angeles, New York, Portland and Austin, already allow for a thriving mobile food culture. Because the City of Chicago is ranked as one of the world’s great culinary cities, it only makes sense that we would also find a way to allow the operations of such vehicles.

By allowing the operation of Mobile Food Facilities, we would easily be able to present a new way to showcase our deeply diverse ethnic culture through the culinary arts. Most importantly, MFFs will allow for considerable revenue for the city while creating a new industry that allows for entrepreneurial opportunity, job creation, and a vivid food culture that will attract tourists and community members alike.

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Questions and inquiries on the Mobile Food Facilities Ordinance can be directed to Elizabeth Gomez at the 32nd Ward Office.


12/22/10 Alderman Waguespack on Chicago Tonight discussing the proposed ordinance.

10/5/10 — Alderman Waguespack and his staff  briefed other Aldermen regarding the proposed Mobile Food Facilities Ordinance on Tuesday, October 5, 2010.  The purpose of these meetings was to acquaint members of the City Council with the details of the ordinance prior to scheduling committee hearings.  These briefings were specifically for Aldermen and their staff, and were closed to the public.

If you support this ordinance, please let your Alderman know.  Click here to locate your Alderman.

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