Alderman Scott Waguespack and Alderman Michelle Smith (43rd) invite constituents to attend a community meeting to discuss a proposed zoning amendment for the property located at 1119 W Webster. The meeting will be held on January 7th at 6:30 PM at the DePaul Student Center located at 2250 N Sheffield, Room 325. Alderman Michelle Smith has filed for an amendment to the planned development agreement (PD 491) that includes the property located at 1119 W Webster. This lot was part of the 32nd Ward, but is transitioning into the 43rd Ward under the new Ward map.

The building on this lot formerly housed a restaurant. The language in the PD allowed for the existing restaurant on this lot at the time the PD was approved, but prohibited new restaurants. The property owner now desires to establish a new restaurant on the site. Because the former restaurant has been closed for more than 18 months either an amendment to the existing PD or the removal of the PD is now necessary to allow this proposed new restaurant.

Flyer-1119 Webster Community Meeting