The CTA is studying ways to install Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)* service
somewhere in a corridor between Western and Ashland Avenues, reaching from Howard Street
on the north to 95th Street on the south. In other words, through our neighborhood, and, quite
possibly, down the street where your business is located.

Wednesday, August 1, the Logan Square and Wicker Park-Bucktown Chambers of
Commerce have the man in charge of the BRT project, CTA Engineer Joe Iacobucci, coming out
for an informational presentation and Q & A session.

Come and find out what impact BRT might have on your operation. Where will the BRT
lanes be put? How will they fit them into existing Western or Ashland Avenues? Will BRT affect
existing parking, bike lanes, median plantings and street furniture? Armed with the information
you’ll get, you can decide if BRT will likely help or hurt you, and share your reactions, concerns
and ideas with the Chambers. We’ll make sure the CTA takes your input into account as they

* BRT is the term used to describe any of a variety of ways that passenger carrying buses
can be separated and isolated from other vehicle traffic, generally while using existing, but
modified, street right-of-way. The result is more efficient and reliable service than ordinary
bus lines. It’s used successfully in many cities. Here in Chicago, this fall the CTA will start
experimental BRT service along Jeffrey Avenue on the south side.

Here are links to the CTA web site, with information about the Western and Ashland
proposal: and the Jeffrey Avenue
experiment that starts this year:

For more information about the August 1 meeting, contact Paul Levin or Rob Nelis at the
Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, 773-489-3222, or e-mail