My office has been fielding many calls concerning property tax issues. In order to assist you, I have asked the Chicago Tax Assistance Center (CTAC) to come to my office and assist our residents. On Monday, October 24th from 5 pm until 8 pm, CTAC will be available to help answer your individual questions one on one. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. I hope that if you are struggling with your property taxes that you will tax advantage of this opportunity.

We’ve also found that many seniors in our ward have not applied for their senior citizen exemptions on their fall tax bill. Previously, this exemption was automatically applied. But now, a new state law requires that seniors must reapply for this exemption annually. If you or someone you know if a senior who has not applied for this exemption. You will receive a $0 credit for the Homeowner and Senior Citizen Exemption. 

Seniors who have yet to apply have to options:

1. Pay the incorrect bill and apply for a Certificate of Error

2. File your exemption application at the Cook County Assessor’s office at 118 N. Clark, 3rd flr. 

Again – I highly encourage you to take advantage of the CTAC workshop at my office so you can speak one-on-one to someone who can help you apply for any exemptions you are entitled to and appeal your assessment if it isn’t consistent with comparable properties.