Just a quick reminder that unified utility bills which include garbage fee charges for the first time started arriving at households last week.  To help with outreach, attached is a sample newsletter announcement on the online garbage fee self-certification process.  Please feel free to include this information in your upcoming newsletters, social media and other outreach to residents.

The online self-certification process will help ensure residences are accurately billed for the garbage fee.  The City created the simple self-certification process to allow residents to check the number of dwelling units identified at their property in the City’s billing system, and if the number is inaccurate, residents can make the changes quickly on the website.

As always, the City’s Utility Billing Customer Service (312-744-4426) is available answer questions, but the online self-certification process is a great resource for residents and aldermanic offices on the garbage fee.

The link to the self-certification process is: Dwelling Unit Self-Certification for New Garbage Fees