Alderman Scott Waguespack introduced an ordinance at the November 17, 2010 City Council meeting prohibiting the issuance of new late hour liquor licenses.

“In the 32nd Ward, we have 17 late night liquor licenses and over 50% of them are currently either the source of deleterious impact for residents or serious safety concerns for the police districts,” stated Alderman Waguespack.

Over the past three years, Alderman Waguespack has had several meetings with residents and police commanders about late hour liquor licensing. “The reality is when someone is leaving a bar at 4 a.m., they are likely to be drunk. Fights, public urination, intoxicated patrons, and excessive trash are common complaints that my office gets from residents and businesses. Significant time and resources have to be pulled from the police districts in order to manage these patrons. It all boils down to public safety and quality of life issues.”

Several other wards in the city have also submitted ordinances prohibiting new late hour liquor licenses. Even though the city does its best to protect citizens from the problems that flow from late night liquor licensing, including utilizing cameras and security plans, we need to do more to prevent these problems.

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