The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), in coordination with the offices of Alderman Tunney, Alderman Waguespack and Alderman Pawar, is pleased to announce the implementation of new pavement markings and other traffic safety improvements that will benefit pedestrians, bicycle riders, and drivers at the 6-legged intersection of Lincoln/Ashland/Belmont.

Through the Lincoln Avenue Arterial Resurfacing project, CDOT will be able to implement safety measures and bicycle facility improvements presented at past community meetings. This work is in advance of the Lincoln Ashland Belmont Reconstruction project which will reconstruct the challenging intersection.

Interim Safety Improvements include the following:

* painted bump outs at select locations using double white lines and flexible delineators to improve the intersection geometry (where feasible based on existing conditions)
* dedicated bike lanes in the intersection approach and dashed bike lanes through the intersection
* reduction of select lane widths on Lincoln and Ashland (at the intersection only), and elimination of the left turn lane on Lincoln, both northbound and southbound, to accommodate the dedicated bike lanes and painted bump outs at the intersection
* elimination of left-turns from Lincoln (onto both Belmont and Ashland) and hairpin right-turns from Ashland onto Lincoln

The planned improvements, expected to be completed by end of summer, will allow CDOT to gather additional community input that will help guide the planning process for the full reconstruction project. For additional information or for comments, please call the CDOT at (312) 744-5900.

Lincoln Ashland Belmont 2018 Interim Improvements Plan