Today Alderman Scott Waguespack and Alderman Vi Daley will introduce a new ordinance authorizing the operation of Mobile Food Facilities (MFFs) in Chicago. Many cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, Portland and Austin already allow for a thriving mobile food culture. As the City of Chicago is ranked as one of the world’s great culinary cities, it is only fitting that it would allow the operations of such vehicles.

Mobile Food Facilities, commonly known as Food Trucks or Catering Vans, are vehicles that are equipped to properly and safely prepare or cook food allowing vendors to make fresh to order meals.

This ordinance will enable Chicago to showcase its deeply diverse ethnic culture through the culinary arts. MFFs will generate revenue for the city and cultivate a new industry and a vivid food culture that will attract tourists and community members alike.

“We need to find more ways to create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. The mobile food culture allows for an incredible opportunity for people to start their own businesses at lower start up costs,” commented Alderman Waguespack. “For existing businesses, the Mobile Food Facilities Ordinance will allow for expansion in a challenging economy. Plus, for every truck that goes into operation, there will be a need to hire employees.”

The ordinance will be referred to the Committee on License and Consumer Protection, and the Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development. In committee, the ordinance will be deliberated and edited. Alderman Waguespack and Alderman Daley are focused on rolling out a thorough plan with input from Aldermen, citizens, and entrepreneurs.

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