The Progressive Reform Coalition of the Chicago City Council is dedicated to creating a more just and equal Chicago, combating all forms of discrimination, and advancing public policies that offer genuine opportunity to all Chicagoans, especially those who have been left out of our society’s prosperity.

Our principles include:

• Work towards a budget that ensures that city finances and contracting, especially public private partnerships, are managed with taxpayers as a priority and supports strong city services and quality of life for all.

• Establish an economic policy focused creation and preservation of living-wage and prevailing-wage jobs with adequate benefits, leave and security to support a family. A policy designed to nurture a diverse economy and provide equitable opportunities to those who have been left out.

• Promoting safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Chicagoans.

• Supporting high-quality public education that focuses on providing fair and equal resources for neighborhood schools with wrap-around services, funding for early childhood development and strong youth programs.

• Support policies for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city that focuses on the health of Chicagoans, and an improved public transportation system.

• Supporting Chicago’s diverse communities with resources necessary to create strong neighborhoods across the city.

• Advancing public safety policies that support a well-trained, fully staffed public safety departments that work in strong cooperation with the diverse civic communities they serve.

• Working for reforms that build confidence and informed participation in Chicago government and public process.