CHICAGO (October 18, 2017)–Following is a statement from Progressive Caucus Chair Ald. Scott Waguespack (32) in response to Mayor Emanuel’s FY 2018 City budget address:

“Today, Mayor Emanuel painted a rosy picture of his budget. But the fact is, the City remains in a fiscal crisis that his administration has helped to create through years of irresponsible, high interest borrowing that profits big banks and financial firms at the disproportionate expense of low-income Chicagoans.

“The Mayor would like us to believe that the City’s finances are back on track. The scenes in Chicago’s neighborhoods and our public school classrooms, children desperate for resources, tell a different story. And as we are learning, families with childrens with special needs have been hurt the worst because of his policies.

“Both in Springfield and here at home, the Emanuel administration has had every opportunity to fight for ways to make sure the very wealthy and big corporations are paying their fair share, and that we aren’t balancing the budget through more regressive, burdensome fees and fines on working families. He has balked at every turn.

“The Mayor has demonstrated he’s willing and able to engage in friendly collaboration with Gov. Rauner when it comes to handouts to Amazon. He should have been in Springfield demanding a progressive income tax, the right to create a city income tax, and a financial transactions tax for the last six years. Instead, he’s locked us into generations worth of debt, with no end in sight.”


Joanna Klonsky