Any commercial business or residential apartment building or condominium complex with a parking lot or garage that can be accessed through the alley is required to have an ordinance on file authorizing access to the alley.  This ordinance is introduced by Alderman Scott Waguespack at City Council.

If you have been notified by a city department that you are required to have an ordinance introduced by the Alderman, please provide the 32nd Ward office with a written request including the following:

  • Name of organization to be included in ordinance
  • Address of property
  • Details regarding department requirement
  • Proposed use of property
  • Photographs of the front and rear of the property
  • Interior site plan

Once your request is approved, staff at the 32nd Ward office will draft an ordinance for introduction by the Alderman at the next Chicago City Council meeting.

Alley Access Letter

In most cases, the department requiring the alley access ordinance may advise you to obtain an Alley Access Letter.  This letter, known as a Pending Passage Letter, is not issued by the Alderman, but by the Chairman of the Committee on Transportation and the Public Way, and can only be issued once an ordinance is introduced to City Council by the Alderman.  As City Council is held approximately once a month, when you receive this letter depends on when you submit your documents and your request is approved.

The 32nd Ward office can provide you with a conditional letter from the Alderman if it can suffice in lieu of the Pending Passage Letter.