The administrative adjustment process is designed to allow minor modifications to zoning code requirements when such modifications would not have an adverse effect on neighboring properties. Typical items of administrative relief include side/rear/front setback reductions, additional dwelling units, open space reductions, and expansions of non-conforming uses.

The Commissioner of the Department of Zoning and Land Use Planning, who makes the decision whether to approve or deny the request, is required to place significant weight upon the input of the two adjacent property owners and the Alderman. The required notification includes letters sent via certified mail to the two adjacent property owners and the Alderman. The recipients of this notification then are provided fifteen days to respond to the Commissioner with any input they may have.

Given the discretion afforded to the neighboring property owners and the Alderman, objections to the proposed plan are typically grounds for denial. In some instances, the neighboring property owners and/or the Alderman may engage in a dialogue with the applicant to determine whether modifications to the plans as proposed could actually result in a plan that is preferable to all parties involved.

Alderman Waguespack encourages people who are contacted about an administrative adjustment application for an adjacent property to contact our office.