1815 N Marshfield

RS-3 to RT-3.5. Applicant would demolish existing residential building and build a new single family home.

1815 N Marhsfield Zoning Summary

2744 N Southport

M2-2 to RT-4, Applicant would demolish the existing building, and build three-story, 3 dwelling unit residential building. APPROVED Feb. 10th, 2016.

2744 Southport Zoning Information 2744 Southport Plans

2800 N Lincoln

B3-2 to a B3-3, Applicant has proposed to re-develop the property with a new, four story mixed-use building. After re-development, the property will have over 1,000 square feet of retail space and nine dwelling units. Approved.

2800 Lincoln Zoning Information 2800 Lincoln Plans

2130 W. Armitage

RT-4 to RM-4.5. Asking to be re-zoned from 2-flat to 3-flat,current layout/construction is a 3-flat. No new construction or renovations required. PENDING.

2130 Armitage Zoning Information

2465 N Clybourn

M1-2 to RM-4.5. Teardown of Limited manufacturing & Business Park District, and building of 4-unit residential building. Approved.

2465 Clybourn Zoning Information and Plans

1879-85 N Milwaukee

M1-1 to B3-3. New construction of transit oriented, residential development. PENDING.

1879-85 Milwaukee Zoning Information  1879-85 N Milwaukee Plans

1868-78 N Milwaukee

B3-3 and B2-2 to a B3-5 Community shopping district. Applicant seeking zoning change in order to construct a new six-story mixed use building, with two commercial/retail spaces and parking at grade level and 38 dwelling units above. PENDING.

1868-78 Milwaukee Zoning Information  1868-78 Milwaukee Plans

3142 N Racine

C1-1 to C2-3. Renovation of existing church building to make 8 eight residential units. PENDING.

3142 Racine Zoning Information  3142 Racine Plans

2611 N Western

M1-2 to C1-3. Construction of a two story day care facility with roof-top playground area. Building will include approximately 10,900 square feet of floor space, onsite parking spaces, and onsite drop-off spaces. APPROVED February 10th, 2016.

2611 Western Zoning Information

1920-24 N Milwaukee

B3-2/M1-1 to Planned Development with underlying C1-5. Change will allow for a six story mixed use building including 6,000 square feet of ground floor retail space and 50 dwelling units with 10 parking spaces. APPROVED February 10th, 2016.

1920-24 Milwaukee Zoning Information and Plans

3015-17 N Southport, 1356 W Wellington

B3-2 to B2-3. Construction of a new 7 dwelling unit residential building at 3015 N Southport and an addition to the existing commercial building at 1356 W Wellington with a second floor of retail space and 7 dwelling units above. PENDING.

3015-17 Southport Zoning Information (plans subsequently revised) Southport Wellington plans

2239 W Belmont

C1-1 to B2-2. Currently a two and one half story building with detached garage. Applicant is seeking to raze the existing building and to re-develop the property with a four story, residential building. The proposed building would contain three dwelling units, and a new, detached three-car garage. PENDING.

2239 Belmont Zoning Information and Plans

2662 N Marshfield

RS-3 to RM-4.5. Building is currently a non-conforming two unit residential building. Applicant is proposing to convert the existing building to a single family home. PENDING.

2622 Marshfield Zoning Information 2622 Marshfield Plans