The Alderman, with significant input from local neighborhood community group representatives, crafted a set of zoning and development guidelines and an accompanying checklist. Potential developers that wish to apply for an amendment to the City’s zoning map must first fill out this checklist before the Alderman will review or discuss the proposed change. Once his office receives a completed checklist the information is summarized and forwarded to the applicable local neighborhood community group(s). The Alderman reviews the proposed amendment and then determines the appropriate next steps, which may include a meeting, direction regarding how to modify the proposal, etc. Alderman Waguespack has committed to not approving any amendment to the zoning map without first allowing at least 30 days for the local neighborhood community group(s) to respond with their input. Typically, no map amendments are allowed to progress to the Committee on Zoning unless the Alderman supports the application.

When an application is filed the required notification includes a sign posted on site and letters mailed to property owners within 250 feet of the site. If the Alderman allows the application to proceed to the Committee on Zoning, the Committee nearly always approves of the proposal and refers it to the full City Council. The City Council votes to approve all but the most controversial map amendments en masse.