Report crime

Sometimes neighbors are hesitant to report problems. Whether you believe that others might have reported the crime already,  you do not believe that it is a major issue or you’re concerned about police not responding immediately, always report any crime. If a problem is not reported, it’s as if it never happened. When you call 911, dispatchers prioritize calls based on urgency and even if a patrol does not arrive on the scene immediately, a log is kept and the Police Department is notified of your call. Call 911 to report a crime in progress and 311 to report a crime after the fact. Click here to find out how you can also report crime via text message. You should notify our office of criminal activity as well, but in an emergency, your first call should always be to 911.

Attend your CAPS meeting

We strongly encourage residents to attend their CAPS meetings. There, you can get to know the police offers that patrol your Beat and you can relay your concerns directly to them. This is the best way to discuss police issues which are important to you and to learn about what officers are doing to keep you safe. Click on the picture below for a map of Beats in the 32nd Ward. Beat meetings for the year are listed on the events page for your district.

Become a Court Advocate

Court advocacy is a way to show support for victims and solidarity against crime in your community. Volunteers can attend court hearings with crime victims or witnesses and provide a presence of concerned community members. To learn more about the program click here.

Start a Block Club

One of the most important methods of preventing crime is for neighbors to work together. Active neighbors can be a strong deterrent to crime and can work effectively to report crime and catch those breaking the law in your community. Consider starting a phone tree with your neighbors, a community watch, or a Block Club. For more information regarding starting a Block Club, click here.

Click here for more tips from Chicago Police