Street and sanitation services are one of the most vital services provided by the city to Chicago’s residents and businesses.  Every Chicagoan knows the story of Mayor Michael Bilandic whose re-election loss is blamed on the city’s inability to keep the streets clear of snow during a rough winter.  Besides keeping the streets plowed, the Department of Streets and Sanitation provides a myriad of services that keep our streets clean and safe, including: garbage collection, street cleaning, graffiti removal and tree maintenance.

Each ward has a superintendent responsible for coordinating these services. The 32nd Ward’s Superintendent Pedro Borrero works closely with Alderman Scott Waguespack and his staff to ensure these services are delivered in an efficient manner. Our Superintendent also monitors the ward for any non-sanitation services that might be needed, reporting these to the appropriate department.

Beginning in January 2016 the City of Chicago began levying a separate $9.50 per month fee for each dwelling unit for garbage collection services. Collections commence in April.

City Garbage Fee

The pages referenced below contain further information regarding the services provided by Superintendent Pedro Borrero and the Department of Streets and Sanitation.  Please contact us to report any issues that require attention.