Alderman Waguespack actively worked to bring the Blue Cart Recycling Program to all residents of the 32nd Ward.  In 2008, blue cart recycling service was provided to residents north of Diversey and in summer 2009, service was extended to those between North Ave and Diversey.

One change with the blue cart system is that now part of the city is picked up by city trucks, and part is picked up by private companies.  In the 32nd Ward, east of the river is picked up by the city, and west of the river is picked up by Waste Management. Blue carts are picked up every other week. Both parts of our ward operate on an orange week schedule.

2019 Blue Cart Schedule  (orange week as shown in the city schedule map)

32nd Ward Waste Management Recycling Pickup Map (click on map below)

For more information regarding blue cart recycling, visit the Department of Streets and Sanitation website.

  • The Blue Cart Recycling Program is a sort recycle program. Rather than the previous system of blue bags being tossed into the same garbage truck with the rest of the trash, recyclables are picked up by a separate truck every other week.
  • Deposit recyclable materials loosely into your blue cart. Paper, glass, and plastic can all be deposited into the same cart. They will be sorted later at the recycling center. DO NOT BAG THE ITEMS. Blue carts that have bags in them will be tagged and will not be serviced.
  • Residents who receive regular garbage pickup are eligible to receive blue carts. This normally includes single family homes up to buildings with four units.
  • If you live in a building that does not have city pickup, the building management is required to provide a recycling system per city ordinance.  Click here for more information.
  • If you have questions about whether something is recyclable or not, please see this visual guide.

To enroll to be block captain please complete an on-line form at the Department of Streets and Sanitation website.

Click here to see your blue cart pickup schedule.