Rodent abatement services can be obtained through the Bureau of Rodent Control by contacting our office. Crews are dispatched to investigate every reported sighting and can provide guidance on rat-proofing private property. Many of the rodent problems that are reported are highly preventable. In addition to residents containing their garbage, dog owners need to clean up after their pets and make sure waste materials are disposed of in sealed containers. This waste can be a staple in the urban rat’s diet. If dog owners fail to clean up after their pets, they are essentially attracting and helping to sustain rats.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation needs the cooperation of businesses and residents to keep alleys rat free. You can help by making sure your trash is properly contained. Exposed garbage is the primary reason rodents proliferate. When garbage carts are securely closed it helps to cut off the food supply and then rats will eat the poison that the Bureau of Rodent Control places in rat burrows.

If you see a rat or notice conditions that may contribute to rodent activity, please contact our office.

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