Street sweeping starts April 1st. During street cleaning days, vehicles cannot park on a specific side of the street in order to accommodate the street sweeper. Please always make sure to watch out for signs on your block so that you know when your street will be swept.

32nd Ward Street Sweeping Schedule 2020

Street Sweeping – Spot Sweeping

Currently, we are doing spot sweeping (sweeping where spaces on the street are open).  No sign posting or ticketing is being done at the moment. We are still going by the previously announced schedule (above); when the sweeper is in your section, if you are able, please try to move vehicles parked around sewers or in heavy areas to help remove winter and landscape debris. Traditionally, the south and east sides of the street are done the first day, and north and west the second, but they will be hitting any open spots found in the scheduled section. If you and your neighbors work together to move on your scheduled day, the sweeper will be able to better target that area if circumstances allow.  The sweeper will clean as tightly as possible to the curbs. We understand there are many people who cannot come out to move vehicles so please do what you can to help clean your block.

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Department of Streets & Sanitation – Street Sweeping Information